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We will implement and manage your program to include:

  • Technical Support to all stores for staff training.

  • Provide each store with the needed POS / Tablet Credentials.

  • epoints will be responsible for all the needed back office staff for managing the program. That includes specialized Business Intelligence (BI) analysts, loyalty marketing staff, and IT staff.

  • Data hosting.

  • Use rewards to upsell customers and encourage them to spend more every time they come.

  • Cross-sell other brands to your existing customers who have not visited those brands.

  • Provide special offers daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

  • Drive the frequency of engagement by providing all-new offers to surprise and delight.

  • Provide you with access to our web portal so that you are able to view the Reward points and redemption values, as well as access our BI reports.

  • Study ALL your Customer Data and segment them into relevant tiers.

  • Provide suggested targeted marketing campaigns based on above tiers.

  • Utilize the market survey engine within each campaign and provide you with the results accordingly.

  • Support your marketing team with any request regarding customized reports.

  • Design all the related materials that will be used for the approved targeted marketing campaign.

  • Execute agreed upon targeted marketing campaigns via SMS, emails and push notification.

  • Monitor the results of each targeted marketing campaign.

  • Move your customers up the Loyalty Chain.

All you have to do is:

  • Enroll your customers to your program.

  • Always ask your customers whether they are part of your program, when they make a purchase.

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