Develop and enhance customer relationships with epoints’ LOYALTY i program

LOYALTY i is our Branded Loyalty Program platform. We do not believe that you have to be a multinational conglomerate to have access to the same kind of Customer Loyalty Expertise as the big shots. Ever since 2004 we’ve been creating and deploying powerful branded loyalty programs for thousands of clients, many of whom are local businesses. Several dozen of the “big shots” trust us to manage their loyalty programs too. What can we say? Customer Loyalty is our thing.

  1. Design your program to include
    1. Design of your loyalty cards.
    2. Design of the POS materials.
    3. Design of POS and Store materials.
    4. Design of all related marketing campaigns.
  2. Provide you with our Loyalty Mobile App (IOS and Android) which we will brand in accordance to your theme. The mobile App allows cardholders to use it for loyalty transactions, view offers, view their points balance and change their registration details.
  3. Integrate the points balance into your Facebook fan page.

From the day businesses start using epoint’s LOYALTY i program, they get benefit from our Marketing Concierge Team (MCs) in becoming an extension of their companies extended Marketing team.Our team works closely with our partners, helping with any customer service questions or issues, analyze their data on a continuous basis and make recommendations for targeted marketing campaigns. All of this will benefit the partner and help them get to know their customers better and provide them with an increased level of loyalty and service. The MC team helps our partners to increase sales from their existing customer base and lower the cost of ineffective advertising.

As customers use our program, we start collecting information about their buying habits, who they are, how much they spend, and how often they visit. We analyze that data for the customers, and from that details, we build a marketing strategy to help them retain their customers to grow sales and profits. We will reach the right customers with the right offers using the latest email, mobile, and SMS technology. For example, we will target the customers who spend most of their time on shopping and dining and identify the customers who haven’t purchased in a while and make them active again. Better targeting will lead to more loyal customers to spend more, visit more often, and promote your business and brand.