Develop and enhance customer relationships with epoints’ O Giftit program

The O Giftit platform has the ability to handle the following:

  1. Pre-denominated: This is the Store card which is pre-denominated as per the request of the partner. The card can be activated on the same epoints POS system at the time of sale.
  2. Preloading: This card is used for the return of goods (store credit). It also has the potential to preload certain values on a discount basis. For Example: Prepay $80 and Preload $100.

Today gift cards continue to grow in popularity due to the ease of use, streamlined reporting and added security over paper-based gift certificate programs. The gift card offers flexibility to the recipient to use the gift card balance to buy what they want.

When retailers switch from paper gift certificates to gift cards, then they experience increase sales by selling anywhere from 50-100% more.


Maximizing Revenue is easy with the epoints’ O Giftit program.