Develop and enhance customer relationships with epoints’ VIP SEEKER program

epoints VIP SEEKER is a daily deals website that lets the partner companies to build customer loyalty by offering them deals. The type of the deals, offerings, and details will primarily depend on each partner companies.
A partner has the choice to offer two different categories of deals to the customers, namely, Immediate and Deferred. The Immediate deals are purchased and deposited into the customer’s account immediately. Another type, deferred deals required a minimum amount before making a deal valid and “confirmed” in the cardholder’s account. Examples are as follows:

  • Minimum quantity has to be sold before the deal is “on”
  • Maximum quantity the partner is going to sell
  • Free deals, which the card holder has to ‘claim’ on their account
  • Deal that is only valid for a certain time frame, i.e. the deal will be posted for a week
  • Offers that are valid based on the certain member criteria.

The partner will have the options to run as many deals as they want and as often as they choose. Not only does the partner benefit by offering these deals and getting customers into their store, but they also get a benefit because epoints provides them with the customer data similar to an in-store purchase. The partner will be able to know if a customer has used a deal and never returned back, or if they come back all the time.

All of the deals will be loaded onto customer’s accounts. A member can also purchase the deal online without having a card. In this case, they will be able to use the printed voucher or voucher code for redemption at the point of sale.


Making Deals fun is easy with the epoints’ VIP SEEKER program.