Guaranteed Increase in Revenues

The epoints program is a guaranteed solution to grow sales by increasing customer satisfaction and retention, growing your market share, and building loyalty within the community.

Decrease in Marketing Costs

By partnering with epoints, your business will allocate its time and money more efficiently by targeting the right customers with the right offers. Based on your customers' behaviors, we provide you with the most efficient and relevant marketing campaign to ensure success and a high return on investment.

Higher Customer Retention Rates

epoints provides businesses with the right strategies and tools to build strong and longlasting relationships with their customer base. By executing the right strategies and targeted campaigns for each customer behavior, we ensure a high retention rate. They will never want to leave!

Market Share Increase

Implementing the epoints program will increase customer satisfaction to your brand and share it with others. The more your customer feels rewarded, the more likely they will endorse your brand. As a result, earning new customers and expanding your share in the market.

Automation Without Intrusion

The epoints platform is an electronic solution that allows your business to have an automated loyalty program without the need to deploy a network or develop your own electronic system and/or software. Additionally, your members can redeem their points and offers instantaneously without the need of the tedious voucher system.

Affordable to All Businesses

The epoints platform provides solutions for any type of business with any budget. Our program is structured to add great value to your business at a low cost!